carrier fees


$0 / month

1 user

Core platform functionality

Connect with shippers across N.A.

Personalized profile

Limited messaging

Upgrade anytime when needed 

basic +

$50 / month 

or $500 / year

Up to ten users

Get found by new shippers

Full platform capability

Full messaging functionality

Prioritized support

User Management

shipper fees


$500 / year

Up to ten users

Carrier Intelligence Program 
Real time carrier matching


Full platform capability

Full messaging functionality

Carrier management

basic +

$1000 / year

Up to twenty users

All existing features +

Personalized carrier analysis

Prioritized support

Development design input

Contact us for requirements

beyod this

what's included

Users will have access to our intelligent network to develop and sustain relationships.  Shippers will be able to define their requirements, while carriers can define their capabilities.  The user tools will be supported across the following actionable areas:

capture information

  • Build a profile 

  • Create a territory

  • Assign resources

  • Develop knowledge

explore options

  • Create associations

  • Manage lanes

  • Manage territories

  • Manage facilities

take actions

  • ​Simplify communications

  • Manage events

  • Quote lanes

  • Intelligent posting