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Matching businesses wanting to transport freight with the people that move it


what we do

Simplifying the process of moving freight by building relationships and matching companies through an online platform.


Transporta allows shippers to intelligently discover the carriers they need and for carriers to find quality opportunities.  With shipper access to over 682,000 power units and 25,000 carrier facilities, we provide information that can benefit all.



Our goal is to lower the cost of doing business through better utilization of expertise.  Through our enriched profiling capability, we allow carriers (asset & non-asset) to express their transportation capabilities allowing shippers to find them through a keyword search, attribute match or a geographical overlay.  This approach goes well beyond current tools today to give better results.


When a company wants to discover new carriers, they must either research individual websites or pay a fee for a carrier search tool that provides static, often out-of-date information. Our approach is more like a dating platform giving ideal connections. We provide high-resolution profiles and use proprietary processes to match a shipper’s requirements with a company’s capabilities.




  • Unseen capacity – advanced search capability to find relevant capacity (682k+ power units)

  • Best fit analysis – the ability to geographically overlay carrier facilities with yours (25k+ facilities and growing)

  • Qualify the unqualified – Quickly generate a mini-questionnaire to reduce phone calls and emails

  • Manage relationships – retain carrier life-cycle information to build better partnerships

carrier (asset & non-asset)

  • Improve being found – with advanced matching shippers can better find you lowering your cost to find business

  • Leveraging your assets – whether physical or intellectual, you can be easily seen by shippers

  • Right opportunities – Attracting shippers that want what you do best is a win for all

  • Free to start – Put your best foot forward for others to see you at no cost

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Transportation Relationship Management: The Industry’s CRM

The Failure of Collaboration in Logistics: The Rise of Relationships

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